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Africlassic is a brand associated with an unique Africlassic Culturality® Experience This is intrinsic to every stay where through our unique room décor guest can traverse the African continent in repeat visits, each visit an experience of pleasurable surprises. Our rooms are simply the mirrors of the African Continent's soul and vast different cultures which exist, thrive and survive on the African soil We express this through our :
  • Africlassic Décor - paying tribute to all African Countries
  • Africlassic Energy - reflecting the vibrant pulse of Africa
  • Africlassic Hospitality - smiles, friendliness, care
  • Africlassic Luxury - comfort smartly redefined
  • Africlassic Service - personal attention
Africlassic is positioned to become an unsurpassed attraction in suburban and rural markets truly offering a taste of our African Continent.

Africlassic's architectural and interior design is pure, authentic African and is presented in a sleek and contemporary manner. Cultural and natural elements are merged in rhythmic harmony with strong interplays of various natural elements.

Africlassic's public areas are the place to relax and recharge. It's effortlessly soothing... with its intimate seating arrangements and decorative treatments borrowed from the African earth and sky. Rich surface textures of authentic African cloth, rough natural stone, natural wood, glass and mirrors create a vivid interplay rounded off with authentic African Artefacts and bright area accents.

Africlassic's style and spirit will be unforgettable and our guests will mirror the personality of our brand. We will attract open-minded, vibrant, savvy individuals who clearly desire a different and unique experience. They're sophisticated. They prefer luxury with a pure, fresh, contemporary edge. These pacesetting men and women will be frequent visitors.

Africlassic's guests will look forward to so much from this new brand with its inviting relaxing atmosphere, unique African Country room themes and music that changes with the passing hours that all they have to hear to start packing is the name Africlassic.

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